On December 13-14 Pioneer Works and Weaving Hand, a healing and textile arts studio, will explore the ancient craft of weaving and create a textile that represents our community. People are invited to bring materials gathered from the neighborhood of Redhook to weave onto large peg looms called Dining Table Looms and create a tapestry.

*Bring your old clothes, yarn, towels, blankets, shoelaces; or anything else that can be made thin, flexible and string-like. We will have scissors on hand to cut up your contributions.

This event will be the first of many, traveling to different neighborhoods in New York and then beyond. The finished tapestries will stay in the communities they were made in, save for possible exhibitions and donations.

All are welcome! Refreshments served.

Emily Spivack, of Worn Stories, will be on hand Sunday to document and archive the stories behind your clothes and textiles before they go into the tapestry. Weave your stories into a larger narrative about Pioneer Works and Red Hook and then visit Emily’s archive online to read the collected memories of this community.

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