Welcome to the digital resource binder for WTF Do We Do Now? We are using this binder to collect resources and notes from the day’s program.

You can use the sidebar to navigate between notes from each section of the convening, SELF CARE, CLARITY, and STRATEGY. Under RESOURCES, you can view articles, organizations, and other links gathered by participants. Feel free to add your own!

About WTF Do We Do Now?:

Back in 2007, after seven long hard years of Bush, RNC protests, the Patriot Act, and the so-called “War on Terror,” a few hundred activists and artists gathered to ask: What Do We Do Now?

Ten years later, we pose a similar but even more urgent question. WTF Do We Do Now? will be a moment for creative activists and politically-inclined artists to reflect on a year of bad politics, and to gather energy, develop clarity, and make plans for the long fight ahead. We’ll come out of the day with calls for action that make real sense in today’s political landscape—one that’s volatile and dangerous, but also full of unexpected opportunities for progressive change.

Organized collaboratively by YES MEN with Creative Time and Pioneer Works.